Shadow Patrol Services

Patrol Tours

One of our most diverse security service offerings is the Shadow Patrol Tour. These tours are performed in our specially branded Shadow Patrol Security vehicle; well-marked and highly visible. In addition to being highly visible, all of our patrol vehicles are fully equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and communications devices, including themost advanced laptop computers, wireless data and voice communications, GPS mapping and tracking tools, guidance and reporting software and emergency lighting systems.

The reason our tours are so diverse is they may be applied for any circumstance and for all customers. Examples of where we deploy tours include customers with multiple disparate locations, special events, seasonal needs, temporary services, emergency responses and special attentions. Plus, our tours may be easily randomized and customized to best meet the needs of our customers.

Implementation and integration of technologically advanced tools allows us to streamline the logistics of managing our personnel and assists our customers in justifying dollars spent on security services. The technology tools we use in our business to achieve these results include state-of-the-art hardware and communications devices, including wireless data and voice communications, GPS mapping and tracking tools and proprietary guidance and reporting software.

Our highly trained officers provide a deterrent effect by acting as trained observers. Many customers already own camera systems which during an incident, is the point of referral in an effort to substantiate a breach. Through our trained observation services, and by using cameras, our officers are able to detect, respond to, report on and deter crime.


We incorporate the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web technologies into our business practices, enabling us to effectively manage our personnel. Our managers receive immediate notification should an officer not clock in or out at specified times, leave a job site without authorization, or deviate from the assigned Post Orders and our company policies.


We use this Web-based software to manage our roving vehicle patrols. Features include automatic assignment of workload, most efficient route selection, recalculation of routes, tour prioritization, tour tracking and reporting, and management interface for monitoring progress of tours. This automation allows our officers to concentrate on performing their duties instead of managing tour calculations, times and locations.


This navigation tool is used by our officers to receive turn-by-turn voice activated guidance to specified touring and emergency response locations or any other destination. By entering an address or selecting from preprogrammed points of interest with a few touches of the screen our officers are routed to a customer location in moments.


This proprietary Web-based security management software is used for scheduling and paying our personnel, invoicing, communicating internally and externally to our officers, managers and customers, and reporting activities and incidents concerning our customers’ sites.

The benefits to our customers include the ability to address recurring problems that compromise operations, assist in recognizing past or current criminal trends on or around their premises, allow them to take appropriate action in minimizing the criminal activity and its cost to their business, ensure our internal and external security patrols are where they need to be, improve the efficiency of security personnel by enabling them to focus more of their attention on patrols and less time on paperwork, and demonstrate where our customers' security investment is going.

Shadow Patrol is available where and when you need us, and we are happy to provide you additional information concerning our services, our achievements or even a recommendation for your security needs.