Polygraph Services

The discipline of risk management is hardly new, but the threats that confront your business are constantly changing and increasing in complexity. Polygraph Services can assist you in identifying risks before they are set into motion. Utilizing the latest technologies in the polygraph arena, Polygraph Services will provide accurate results and reduce the liabilities for your company.

Just a few of the services we can offer you:

  • Pre-Employment/Applicant Screening
  • Criminal Testing
  • Employee Theft (EPPA) Testing
  • Private Issue Testing

A polygraph examination is a cooperative endeavour and consists of three stages:

Stage 1: The Pretest

This is where the polygraph examiner will obtain your written permission, determine your suitability to be tested by completing a background form with you. He or she will also explain the polygraph and how it works in detail for you. The polygraph examiner will discuss the circumstances regarding the reasons for your polygraph.

Stage 2: Review of Questions

Based upon your discussions, the polygraph examiner will prepare the appropriate test questions. Each question will carefully be reviewed with you prior to the actual test. Once you are aware of the questions you will be attached to the polygraph. These attachments will record your physiological responses to each question. You will then be asked only the questions you and the examiner have reviewed together

Stage 3: Analysis

The final stage of the polygraph examination is an analysis of the polygrams. Based on those results, the polygraph examiner will form an opinion.