Intercom & Access Control systems

Intercom Systems

With the use of a video intercom system, you can view who is at your door before deciding to let them in. If the visitor is not someone you know, you can find out their reason for visiting before opening the door. A video intercom system can also be used for surveillance recording, which is handy if you are going to be away from your home for any length of time (many units can support multiple cameras, for all round protection).

Access Control Solutions

The control of these units can be integrated into your intercom system, and you have the choice of wired or wireless operation. Another feature that is available on some gate openers is solar powered operation, which saves electricity and reduces installation costs. With some top-end systems, the gate can even be operated by your mobile phone! With room monitoring with a central control panel and room stations set up around the house, you can use your intercom to monitor what is going on in those rooms, keep tabs on the kids playing in the backroom, or use it to listen for when your sleeping baby awakes.

Automated Entry

Add an automatic gate opener to your intercom system and protect your home at the front line. Gate openers are available to suit all types of gates: from single to double, and swing or sliding gates. Open your front gate with the push of a button, and with a self-locking unit, be assured that once your visitors are inside and the gate has closed, no one will be able to follow behind and manually open it.

With these units you can also communicate with the occupants of the room, so the kids will have no excuse for not hearing your call to dinner!

  • Integrates with your intercom, phone, security and surveillance systems
  • No need to carry keys to enter your home.
  • Availability to open a gate or door remotely, or via an intercom system (even from another location using the internet)
  • Able to keep an entry log of who has entered your home via your own card or pin code.