Deterance Initiatives

Deterrance - Is half the job!

Quest Security Services can access all your security needs with a risk assessment analysis and quickly design for an overall security program that is specifically tailored to address our clients' security concerns through the most cost-effective means possible. What Security Officers do: We deter burglary, vandalism, and unauthorized access to your properties.,/p>

We protect your residents, clients, staff and visitors from threats of violence. We will assign a dedicated security coordinator, who will be your single point of contact to arrange for all your security needs. Our officers are licensed, background checked, selected and trained specifically in security.

Mobile patrols are also a cost-effective option to deter vandalism, theft and violence at residential, commercial and industrial locations. We provide effective, reliable mobile patrols for any property.

At Quest Security Services we feel our clients' safety and the safety of their property, equipment, staff, visitors and residents are of the up most importance. We are here to Protect and Serve are clients needs, while keeping a watchful eye.