24 Hour Central Station

Our 24 hour Central Station provides the additional level of supervision our clients need. The safety and security of your home or business is dependent upon the central monitoring station receiving the signal your security system sends when it detects an intrusion or fire.

Your security system sends its signal over your telephone line to our 24 hour Central Station and an operator immediately informs the police, fire department or ambulance. Our 24 hour Central Station is manned by operators who are trained to respond to emergencies, alert the proper authorities and dispatch help using state-of-the-art equipment.

The 24 hour Central Station receives a signal when your security system is triggered at your home or business - whether it's a fire, an intrusion or a personal emergency. The operators identify the problem and then follow your pre-determined instructions on how to respond to the emergency.

Our central station follows all the stringent requirements in keeping with the demanding industry standards.

The Path of Your Alarm Signal

  1. When your alarm system is triggered, it sends a signal from your home or business to our central monitoring station via:

    • Wireless communication
    • The internet
    • Your telephone line
  2. An operator at our central monitoring station contacts you to verify the signal. For even faster response times, consider our guard runner service. We dispatch a security guard to your premise and notify emergency responders.
  3. When you respond and confirm the emergency or when we are unable to receive a response we notify the appropriate emergency personnel to visit your home or business immediately.
  4. Emergency personnel arrive at your home or business and respond to the emergency.