Burglar Alarm Systems

Quest Security Services Limited specializes in providing comprehensive, custom designed loss prevention solutions for SME and large commercial companies. Our Intrusion detection plans run the gamut from simple systems to fully integrated systems, utilizing access cards and CCTV capabilities.

Quest Security Services Limited designs every intrusion detection system around individual and business needs; we make sure you have the tools and information needed to decide on the best security solution for your facility. Our 24 hour Central Station will then monitor your security system and dispatch Armed Response teams.


In the event that an intrusion takes place while you are away from home your security alarm system, using an array of magnetic contacts, motion sensors, glass break sensors and other detection devices, will notify our central monitoring station. Our Central Station Operators will respond by contacting your home. If you have two-way voice capability, an operator will activate the two-way communication channel, enabling our 24 hour Central Station staff to listen to the events in the home. This also enables our operators to inform the burglar that the police have been dispatched, further ensuring that the burglar is on his way out of your house. The security hardware and software may even enable our operator to follow the activities of the burglar, and pinpoint to the police where the burglar may be hiding.

Home Invasion/ Intrusion

If you are in the home and someone breaks in, you can press the panic button on your alarm keypad, the keypad duress/hostage code,or by using the optional wireless remote panic, you can send a distress signal to our 24 hour Central Station. The emergency response operators will relay information to the police, who will already be on the way.