Armed Security Officers

Based on your security needs, Quest Security Services Limited supplies highly trained officers to ensure peace of mind. Often the mere presence of a uniformed security officer will deter those persons who might be a disturbance.

However, when presence alone and the possibility of physical force may not be enough, a well-trained armed officer will be assigned to your location. You can be assured that your needs will be met with the most qualified and experienced armed officers available.

Quest Security Services key staff members and training personnel are firearm experts, trained and certified in the use of various handguns. Every armed guard is trained and qualified by firearms instructors who have multiple years of experience. This ensures that each armed guard has the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry and use a weapon. In addition to our standard guard training programs, each armed guard receives extensive and recurrent training in:

  • Gun safety
  • Use of force

  • Deploying armed guards is a critical decision for your business. Let us work with you to determine how to best provide optimum security for your people and your property.